Professor Fruit Fly

Finally, a solution to the management of pest fruit fly.


prof. richard drew


Professor fruit fly

After 50 Years of research on tropical fruit flies across the Asia-Pacific region, Professor Drew is widely recognised as the world authority on this major group of insect pests of horticultural crops. His broad knowledge on the identification of pest species, their ecology, and behaviour in host plants has become an outstanding foundation for the development of pest management strategies. In particular, his research has led to the development of a recently commercialised insecticide-free synthetic lure that mimics the odour of ripening fruit and attracts mature egg-laying female fruit flies - a world first. This has led further to the development of the Fruition fruit fly trap developed and marketed by AgNova Technologies Pty Ltd, an Australian Company based in Melbourne.

Professor Drew has just released a new book titled "The Fruit Fly Management Guide" designed for commercial and home growers to help them understand and manage the fruit fly menace. This book provides, in simple terms, information to allow people to diagnose the presence of fruit flies in their crop, an understanding of the biology of the flies and why they are such a serious pest, and a discussion of all potential fruit fly control strategies. The book is a practical presentation of information drawn from the research of Professor Drew and other major fruit fly research centres in Australia and overseas. It is a must read for all who wish to grow fruit and vegetables either in home gardens or as commercial crops.

The book can be purchased through this website, and Professor Drew can also be contacted for guidance and information.